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Friday, July 20, 2012

X-Stitch Magic Daybook. Chapter 1

This article I’m writing in the first place for myself. For myself just to remember. To remember how it was. How it was from the very beginning

I don’t believe that it will be of great interest or use for visitors of this site. I don’t really believe that anybody will read it. But this is a story of one blog from its beginning with hopes and worries and fears of the author for whom this beginning turned out to be her first independent and unassisted experience in the sphere of blogging…

In short, I’m going to create a kind of a Daybook where from time to time will publish “reports” about failures and achievements of the author, about her development, vision and everything new on this blog. And in the first place, as I’ve mentioned above, I’ll do this for me, just to remember

Anyway enough philosophy for now. Now is the time to show you a photo which depicts how the blog looked like the first day of his “life”

A standard watermark template with no content))))))

A few days later there appeared a new background (nothing more than a piece of linen ;)) and a new filter, viz. category, was added

Having written nearly 7-8 posts I’ve decided that the time arrived to register my blog in searching engines like Google, Bing, etc, that was successfully fulfilled not without any effort )))), as this is my first independent and unassisted experience in blogging (sorry for repetition).

That’s all for now. See you soon with new ideas and new wonderful patterns to cross-stitch.

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