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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Surprise from Garfield

Days seem boring and monotonous? I have not the slightest doubt that the situation will change as soon as you get such a cheerful friend as Garfield. Just one look is enough to feel oneself much better.

Besides, this design may be used as original patch for torn but still favorite T-shirt, alas, not for jeans, as it is pretty large. Scheme is realized in full cross-stitches and back stitches.

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Click on Garfield to enlarge


Category: cartoon
Difficulty: Intermediate
Stitches: Full cross-stitch, back stitch
Colours: 11
Grid Size: 100W x 82H
Design Area: 7,00" x 5,71"  (98 x 80 stitches)


Full Cross-Stitches

(                DMC 734   olive green - lt

)                DMC 833   golden olive - lt

+                DMC 869   hazel nut brown - vy dk

-                DMC 3820 straw - dk

.                DMC 307   lemon

1                DMC 842   beige brown - vy lt

5                DMC 420   hazel nut brown - dk

8                DMC 829   golden olive - vy dk

!                DMC Whitewhite

"                DMC 798   delft blue - dk

#                DMC 310   black

BackStitch Lines

DMC 310   black

For free scheme of Garfield in symbols please click here.

For free scheme of Garfield in blocks and symbols please click here.

Your children will surely like such a new friend as Garfield.

NB: All cross-stitch schemes are free for personal and non-commercial use.