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Updated July 21, 2013

1. How can I order the pattern I like?
There is no need to order the pattern you like. You may download it absolutely free in high resolution following the links provided at the end of the post (for access Google account is required). The links look like this:
Download links
2. Symbols in the legend and on the pattern itself are different. What to do?
The problem may be connected to incorrect display of the symbols in the legend due to slow internet connection. Try to reload the page. If that doesn’t work, try another browser.

3. Can I have a key to the pattern I'd like to cross-stitch?

If you would like to cross-stitch a pattern from my blog and there is no link to the chart key, please let me know by commenting the corresponding post or contact me directly by means ofContact meform.
For more info please click here.
All patterns are free for personal and non-commercial use. You may download and print them for your own personal use. You may share the copies, use them for teaching or learning purposes. However, the patterns are not to be sold or kitted.
Everything, that you have cross-stitched using the patterns from X-Stitch Magic may be presented as a gift, used for charity but is not to be sold.