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Monday, June 30, 2014

Daniel Tiger

Free cross-stitch patterns

Daniel Tiger is a main character from engaging animated series for children Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. This pattern requires some experience due to presence of backstitches and blended colors. The technique of blending or mixing threads is explained below.

To realize Daniel’s cardigan I’ve used blended colors (you’ll need to mix DMC-816 with DMC-606 and DMC-321 with DMC-606). This way it looks like “knitted”. I think, the next time I should experiment with fur as well. But this will be the next time :).

How to blend colors? It’s quite easy! To embroider a cross-stitch we usually use two strands of the same color. And who says that it’s forbidden to take two different colors of the same length, put them together, thread the needle and continue stitching as if it is one-colored floss in two strands.

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Daniel Tiger

Category: Cartoon
Difficulty: Intermediate
Stitches: Full cross-stitch, back stitch
Colors: 19
Grid Size (Aida 14): 4.07" x 5.50" (103 x 140 mm)
Design Area: 55 x 75 stitches
Fabric Color: White

Full Cross-Stitches
%      DMC 564              jade - vy lt
O     DMC 606 & DMC 321    burnt orange-red blended with christmas red
c     DMC 3854            autumn gold - md
V     DMC 3853            autumn gold - dk
2     DMC 739              tan - ul vy lt
R     DMC 3024            brown gray - vy lt
Š     DMC 3072            beaver gray - vy lt
I     DMC 648              beaver gray - lt
-    DMC 647              beaver gray - md
*     DMC 310              black
<     DMC 300              mahogany - vy dk
i     DMC 400              mahogany - dk
¡     DMC 301              mahogany - md
£     DMC 3776            mahogany - lt
@     DMC 3855            autumn gold - lt
B     DMC 3705            melon - dk
"     DMC 321              christmas red
K     DMC 816 & DMC 606    garnet blended with burnt orange-red
!     DMC White           white

Back Stitch Lines
DMC 310   black

To download Daniel Tiger free cross-stitch pattern in symbols with chart key please click here.

To download Daniel Tiger free cross-stitch pattern in blocks and symbols with chart key please click here.

NB: All cross-stitch schemes are free for personal and non-commercial use.
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