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Order a Pattern

 May 20, 2013

Here you can order absolutely free cross-stitch patterns of your favorite cartoon heroes!
If you've got an interesting image or drawing you want to cross-stitch you may order a free pattern which will be published in my blog. Just send me an email!
In your letter please mention your name and email as well as details of the future pattern, such as:
Design area (number of stitches used in each direction)
  • up to 50 stitches
  • up to100 stitches
  • up to 150 stitches
  • up to 200 stitches
in case of a non-square image the shorter side of the rectangle will be taken into consideration
Stitches to be used
  • full cross-stitch
  • half stitch
  • quarter stitch
  • back stitch
Number of colors to be used
  • up to 10 colors
  • up to 20 colors
  • up to 30 colors
  • up to 40 colors and more
And, what is the most important, a Direct link to the image you want to get a pattern of (which you may upload, for example, into Picasa Web Albums)
Having composed a letter as described above, please go to page "Contact Me" and send it with the help of "Contact Me" form, copying the text of the letter into the "Message" field.
That's all!