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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sea-patterns: Starfish

Free cross-stitch patterns
Who’s this beautiful creature? A fish? – No, it’s an animal, though is called a Starfish and lives in the sea. Well, this is not a biology lesson and this blog is dedicated to quite different things, that’s why I invite everybody to cross-stitch the pattern I’ve prepared and don’t puzzle over the mysteries of Mother Nature )))

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sea-patterns: Turtle

Free-cross stitch patterns
As promised, for today I’ve prepared another easy-to-do sea-pattern. So, meet this cute Turtle that will surely become a nice decoration for your kid’s closes or towels.

I’ve used here three colors for back-stitch lines. You can use only one (DMC 310 black), but I decided to underline the body of the turtle with ultra-very dark emerald green (DMC 3818) and the shell with very dark beige brown (DMC 838). Pay attention that the latter is used for back-stitches only.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sea-patterns: Crab

Free cross-stitch patterns

The sun and the sea... A heat wave and a fresh breeze... Taste of salt on the lips and alluring coolness of the seawater… Well, there’re so many pleasant things to do… And surely, who will care about cross-stitching in such a paradise? – Nobody, but a passionate cross-stitcher, like my granny, who used to bring her needlework casket everywhere, even to the beach.